Fatungase Olasunkanmi
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A shadow crept up on the roof of the white Kentucky Fried Chicken Headquarters building that housed

the secret ingredients recipe vault. This shadow was no one else but Lex the Godfather. He had started his life of crime at age 16, tutored by the legendary William Abagnale and by 20 was selling stolen jewels on the black market.

Sneaking into homes of wealthy and robbing penthouses however just didn’t do it for him, he considered himself an artist of some sort, and this began to look beneath him, so he had decided, to start stealing priceless artifacts.

Lex smiled to himself, he had already crossed off two items on his bucket list, the Diamond Panther Bracelet and Der Blaue Wittelsbacher. The bounty on his head was horridly large for priceless artifacts, his face flushed as he remembered the flattery. Unfortunately for them, they hadn’t put a face to his name yet, master of disguises, a detail he had been so careful about.

Something his mentor told him, the main objective of a good burglar is to not get caught, and he had no

intentions of getting sloppy.

This heist was different, well, his only drive was to make himself world renowned chicken all year

long, maybe eventually sell to the highest bidder. He had been working at this building for four months now, carefully observing and scheming, enough time to detect blind spots in the security system.

Dropping in from the roof, he landed with a cat-like elegance, and began his mundane movement of

avoiding cameras that led into the vault room. However, there no way to escape being seen once you

entered the vault room. For this purpose, he had printed an exact imaging of the scene displayed by two of the four cameras.

Lex put on his EMP, he had a 30 second window to mount the images in front of the camera, his timer started the countdown, last he saw was 2 seconds remaining, done. He casually wiped the beads of trepidation from his forehead, as the system restarted and the red blinking on the cameras resumed. All the guards would see on the monitor, was a brief jarring of lines, nothing to check out.

Face to face with the vault now, he brought out his titanium drill, this would take approximately 35

minutes to drill through, since it was of a UL TL-30 rating. He carefully avoided the glass re-locker, inserted his borescope and watched the wheels of the lock spin while turning the dial. Eventually there was a click, Lex heaved a sigh of relief.

But opening the vault, it was empty.

To be continued…



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