Fatungase Olasunkanmi
3 min readApr 8, 2020



“This debt we pay to human guile, with torn and bleeding hearts we smile”

It is paradoxical indeed that those whose wealth, whose tree of liberty are rooted in your nation’s economic resources and hardworking citizens’ taxes, should be the medium of accentuating strife.

Democracy refers to the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Yet there is some inexplicable vagary that comes with ascension of public office, and settles to reveal shallow minded individuals that sought opportunity to fill pockets and attain personal achievements.

All generalizations have exemptions, as we have seen a commendable and effective work rate from the governor of Oyo state. Evidence that your needs as a Nigerian people aren’t unreasonable and unattainable.

Terrible leaders are simply terrible citizens, the people cannot be blamed for an inability to discern, but blamed when they allow these people remain.

Do you not seek to dissenter from this ritualism of terrible leadership? They try to silence criticism, speaking truths are now allegations of hate speech.
Proposing a bill to ban generators, while still battling inconsistency in national power grid generation since 1960, is simply hysterical.

My People seek comfort in religion? Sometimes it’s easier egressing from logic, let whomever can find happiness in times like this clench it with every self-conviction.
While I understand the desire to find some sort of solidarity in terrible times, we can’t afford to dismiss inequalities when such things are literally deadly.

So perhaps we can dispense with the ridiculous optimism.

Sometimes reality is miserable, and the sentiment that everything will just be fine in the end is particularly infuriating coming from the people who stand to lose the least---and in some cases, to gain the most.
Nigeria is getting worse, a consistent decline since 2007.
The supposed independent tool of enforcement, the EFCC has shown to be rather not independent and functions sometimes as a political tool. The Buhari anti-corruption crusade is a charade infused with cronyism, the Abdullahi Ganduje case is a testament.

Social injustice and a disregard for the rule of law are also equally damaging issues. In the last few years, the Buhari administration has re-legitimized executive supremacy, non-accountability, political arbitrariness, and disregard for the rule of law.

The diversification policy has been more of mere paperwork than actionable projects. Insecurity hasn’t been curbed in the north. The Nigerian Police force continues to rampage unchecked. Not a single economic transformation strategy has been implemented. It took a global pandemic to pay attention to the deplorable state of the Nation’s health sector.

Despite this global pandemic and the insufficiency of funds, the Nigerian government have refused budget cuts in expenses and salaries of political office holders. But rather the finance minister has resorted to asking for help from self-made, independent, wealthy citizens and tech giant Elon Musk on social Media.

Where is the patriotism? Are 2020 Camry cars more relevant than ventilators?

The global Coronavirus pandemic is going to leave the nations economic state worse than ever, debt relief isn’t feasible anymore because the go-to countries have enough on their hands, so what is the Nigerian government doing to protect its people from this type of economic collapse?

Do not confuse my realism for pessimism, as I conclude this current administration has already failed.

Come again 2023, and I want and not hope the Nigerian people discern correctly.



Fatungase Olasunkanmi

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